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Why a Real Estate Team may be your best option

Real Estate is a complex business with many areas of responsibility. A sole salesperson must juggle all of these tasks and as with any business operator, there are naturally roles we are better at than others.

The following is a small snapshot of a salesperson’s obligations to sellers and buyers and showcases just how diverse we need to be:

Designing and dispatching flyers and printed material

Database maintenance

Phone calling

Appraisal follow up

Appraising Property


Buyer Viewings

Open Homes

Sale & Purchase Agreements

Running Auctions

Written Weekly Reporting

Vendor phone updates including inspection & open home feedback

Following up with buyer conditions

On-site meeting with building inspectors and valuers

On-site collaborations with photographers/videographers

Writing advertising

Tailoring marketing packages

Troubleshooting issues

As one of the largest Real Estate teams in Tauranga, each member of Davidson and Co is afforded the luxury of focusing on their own areas of expertise. We are all very clear on what our own roles are and those of each of the other team members, which gives us the benefit of time optimisation and ultimately, greater productivity.

As with any family/team we can at times disagree, but we have found our differing opinions and perspectives ultimately foster progression and just like family, when the discussion has been had and a decision made, we come together as one.

All Davidson and Co team members are licensed, which means we never have to say that we are not available. If an appointment works for a vendor and a buyer, we make it work between us.

Our team goal for sellers and buyers is to offer an experience, one rich in communication and honesty, one peppered with good-natured humour and one which feels to both parties, like a win.

We bring to your table a great depth of knowledge, expert negotiation skills, exhaustive communication, energy, integrity and an eagerness to deliver at the highest level possible and we’d love to hear from you if buying or selling is on your horizon.


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