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Where possible marry experience with youthful innovation

Nothing counts as much as experience. Or does it?

Times change and with those transformations comes the need for more innovative marketing, more in depth knowledge of specialised platforms and the ability to think outside the square thereby ensuring vendors’ listings stand out above the rest, ultimately achieving the best sale price a market will pay!

Running hand in hand is the absolute necessity to have your home listed with salespeople who know their business. Salespeople who have seen changing markets and who have learned how to change with them. Proactive salespeople who will act first, ahead of less experienced agents not aware of this need for speed. Inexperienced salespeople will likely not recognise the early signs of a changing market and will likely not understand what this means to sellers and their prices.

A salesperson with solid industry experience and the sales success to match, will have the tools to hold together your conditional offer. They will possess a network of trusted professionals they can utilise to assist with the smooth path of your unconditional sale. They will know how to write an offer to benefit and protect their sellers and still maintain their duty of care for their buyers.

Our industry needs young blood. They bring with them fresh thinking via advanced multimedia and technical understanding and they can absolutely revitalise a team with their passion and enthusiasm. Ideally, they will step up with a personal network of contemporaries who in many cases welcome working with a relatable peer whilst knowing the protection of a more experienced team member, sits behind them.

When experience and youthful innovation marry, the results can be outstanding!

Author - Diane Davidson


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