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The right salesperson will advise how to increase your saleability.

You can list your property with a salesperson who we in the industry, term an order taker, or you can list with a real estate professional. This decision will absolutely dictate your final result - your sale price.

An order taker will be led by you!

How your property is presented, your method of marketing and list price for example, will likely not be as the consequence of a collaborative discussion with your agent but rather, instructions given from you to them.

The purpose of engaging a professional to sell your home is in part, to take advantage of their skill set and without this, you have merely employed an expensive assistant.

Fear is not a trait of successful people. Successful salespeople are fearless in their pursuit of delivering at the highest level.

Professional salespeople offer their advice as to how to maximise your sale price and they will be very honest with their suggestions.

If your property would have greater appeal with the black wall painted white, you need to be told that. If an initial inspection alerts a professional salesperson to the smell of damp or perhaps the potential of unpermitted work, these issues and their remedies will be discussed with you.

Take charge and if possible, sort out issues prior to coming to market. It may seem an expensive and possibly unnecessary cost for you to bear but believe me when I say, a potential buyer will likely be thinking five times the actual repair cost.

An experienced salesperson also knows the stats! What is selling in your area – how many and for how much and they will quickly identify your property’s “point of difference”.

Knowing this, dictates which sections of the market they will “target” and how much interest that is likely to generate. They will write your scripts to resonate with those potential buyers and will be looking to elicit responses by way of phone calls, emails and open home attendance, from the portions of the market identified as those with the greatest need or desire for your property … therefore those likely to pay the highest amount.

A high achieving salesperson has not relied upon luck to sell well, those properties entrusted to their care.

They have undertaken a comprehensive marketing plan! They have adjusted quickly to change within the market. They offer full and complete feedback, even if at times that is unpalatable for you, the seller.

A fully informed owner will make educated decisions!

Author - Diane Davidson


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