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Choosing the right salesperson is not an emotional decision.

As an owner looking to sell your property, your number one tool is choosing the right salesperson to do that for you. This choice does not involve emotion!

Do not offer your listing, likely your largest asset, to the friend or family member who is new in the real estate industry merely because you want to help grow their business. Do not choose the agent you met and “really liked” but who you know, does little business. This trap will only set you up for failure! Heartache, disappointment and in all likelihood, the breakdown of that relationship, are usually what follows. This decision is a business decision. It is a decision to be taken seriously and “you” must do your homework as to who in your area, is best equipped to do that for you. You are looking for experience and results (sales). It is those and those alone, that will deliver a great sale. What is a great sale? It is a planned and well executed campaign, crossing all marketing mediums to reach as many buyers as possible. It is delivering a smooth and stress-free experience for you, the seller. And it is obtaining, through great marketing, confident negotiating and honest and regular communication, the best price the market will pay … at that time. Look for the salesperson who is active in your area, who has a proven track record with numerous sales. Someone you are comfortable with but also someone you feel will question your decisions and argue against them if they believe a greater benefit is to be achieved for you, by doing things differently. An agent who accepts everything you say may not be the right choice because as they yield to you, I guarantee they will also yield to your buyers. Your salesperson is your front line. They need to have your back. They need to know and protect the value of your property. Countering objections regarding your property by highlighting positives, is just one way an experienced agent may do that. Take your time. Educate yourself as to who your choices are and be proactive in your search. Email them. This will show you how long they take to respond to your query and the tone of that reply. Visit them at open homes. You will see how they interact with you and other potential buyers in this situation. By doing so, you will have a first-hand demonstration of how they are going to work with YOUR buyers.
Author - Diane Davidson


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