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Fewer listings usually mean bigger sale prices

Currently it seems many sellers contemplating coming to market are waiting for summer, or a better market, or clearer indications on what lies ahead. The result of this is that we are well down on house stock levels with the expected Spring rush, not yet materialising.

As a seller, with the lack of current competition, this could be the ideal time in the market to realise best sale price.

Traditionally, buyers view every property they can before making their final decision and submitting an offer. The market we entered into early this year, has left buyers with fewer options and accordingly they have been prepared to wait for more listings to come to market, culminating in the Spring rush.

Because this has not eventuated, many buyers have been left frustrated. As a result many are adjusting expectation and re-defining criteria in order that they can move on with their purchases.

If your reasons for a sale are genuinely a need to move on, we suggest your home should be listed now so that your property is on the shopping lists of current buyers and as a consideration for “passive” buyers. Christmas is also the period out of town buyers have the freedom of time to shop their desired areas without their usual constraints of work and school demands. It is also timely to remind you that as your home’s value has adjusted, so too have the properties you intend replacing your home with.


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