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Countdown to Kiwi Christmas with These 8 Preparation Tips

Christmas decorations on house

Christmas in Tauranga is a unique and special time of the year. While much of the world experiences a white, wintry Christmas, Kiwis get to enjoy a sunny holiday season filled with barbecues, beach trips, and outdoor festivities. To make your Kiwi Christmas both memorable and enjoyable, it's essential to plan ahead. In this blog, we'll explore eight preparation tips to ensure you have a stress-free and enjoyable Christmas. Let's dive in!

1. Plan Your Christmas Budget

The holiday season can add up quickly, with presents, decorations, travel, and special meals together. It is possible to enjoy Christmas without breaking the bank, but the key is to create a budget and stick to it. Set a spending limit, make a list, track your expenses, and consider money-saving alternatives.

D&Co. Tip: Christmas Planner spreadsheets are a simple and easy way to keep track of your spending. Download a budget friendly template from Etsy.

2. Prepare Your BBQ

One of the quintessential aspects of a Kiwi Christmas is firing up the barbecue for a delicious outdoor feast. But first, you'll need to make sure it is ready for summer! Clean the grill grates, check gas levels, inspect hoses and connections, empty grease trays, remove cobwebs and debris, stock up on fuel (charcoal or wood chips), check and calibrate the thermometer, wipe down the exterior, and check for and remove bugs. Now, it's time to plan your menu, marinate in advance, stock up on essentials, and prepare a variety of sides and salads to accompany your grilled delights!

D&Co. Tip: Check out these BBQ Recipes and Picnic Idea's from Food in a Minute.

3. Organise a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

To save money and add an element of surprise to your gift-giving, consider organising a Secret Santa gift exchange with your family or friends. This way, everyone receives a thoughtful gift without overspending. Set a budget, outline any family rules/traditions, and the game is on for the best gift!

D&Co. Tip: Each year in the Davidson & Co. household, it is tradition for Diane to write a light-hearted poem about each person. When it's your turn to pick your present, you have to read out your poem to the group!

4. Create a Christmas Playlist

Set the mood for your Kiwi Christmas with a playlist of your favorite festive tunes. Include classics and some New Zealand artists to add a local flavour to your celebrations.

D&Co. Tip: Create a collaborative playlist and invite your friends and family to add their favourite Christmas songs! Or, feel free to follow the Davidson & Co. Christmas playlist.

5. Get Beach-Ready

Kiwi Christmas often involves a trip to the beach. Make sure you're well-prepared by stocking up on the essentials like sunscreen, hats, beach towels, umbrellas, and beach games. Ensure they are in an easily accessible place and clean. Don't forget to check the weather forecast to plan your beach day effectively.

6. Decorate Kiwi-Style

Embrace the Kiwi spirit by decorating your home with a touch of New Zealand. Consider incorporating native flowers, Pohutukawa-themed decorations, and beach-inspired ornaments. This will give your space a unique Kiwi Christmas vibe.

D&Co. Tip: DIY Christmas decorations is a fun activity for both you and the kids! Here's 20 easy Christmas craft ideas to try out this Christmas.

7. Plan Your Travel Ahead

If you'll be traveling for the holidays, plan your trip well in advance. Book your accommodation, flights, or rental cars early to secure the best deals. Plan your travel route in advance to make the day runs smoothly.

8. Plan Fun Outdoor Activities

Incorporate fun outdoor activities into your Kiwi Christmas plans. Whether it's a family cricket match, a game of beach volleyball, or a relaxing picnic, these activities will help create lasting memories and make your Christmas truly special.

By following these eight preparation tips, you'll be well on your way to having a fun and memorable Kiwi Christmas. From managing your budget to embracing Kiwi traditions, you'll ensure a stress-free and enjoyable Christmas period in sunny Tauranga!


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