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Accepting constructive criticism will ensure best sale price

You know you have a good salesperson when they tell you things you may not want to hear.

We all love to deliver good news. You know the type? An offer is coming or, the buyer loved your home. It is the less than positive feedback, that many salespeople choke on providing.

But, if your open home attendees or prospective buyers are consistently making mention of the over-crowded third bedroom or grimacing at the lime green paint you have steeped your dining room in, then you need to hear it … and you need to act upon it to remedy that feedback!

I’m willing to bet you didn’t know that when a buyer decides a lime green wall is in need of changing out to white; their shoulders sag and their eyes roll as they impart that news to us. In other words, it’s a problem for them!

Conversely, if they decide a white wall is in need of a hit of lime green, it’s always an easy fix and one that will take them no time to do.

How you view, resolving your unique decorating choices or your unresolved maintenance issues, is not necessarily the same way a prospective buyer will view them.

Understanding how buyers’ minds work and knowing what is important to them, should be second nature to a good salesperson. Analysing what actually needs changing, updating or repairing in your property to ensure capitalising on a great sale figure, should also be second nature to them.

Delivering that information to you in a cohesive yet respectful way, is the key to you appreciating why the need for change whilst taking nothing away from your dignity and self-esteem.

Author - Diane Davidson


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